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11/10/15 All Day of Learning!

During this month of being Thankful:  I want to personally thank all of our presenters and “You” who were in attendance for this great day of learning.  70 people coming together to share, learn, and encourage one another.  

Our Journey continues in Person Centered Practices and we will be sharing out with you the great ideas that were captured during the Table Top Discussions.

In addition as we plan for 2016 and new opportunities for learning.  We will look at all of your comments regarding Table Top Discussion #3.  “What do you want to learn more about or need to know”?

Remember to send me your stories so we can post and share with others in our region and beyond.  (

Have a great day and I am looking forward to seeing you around in 2016 as we move forward in our Person Centered Practices.  —Andy Wing

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Community Connections


Community Connections                                          Made By Creative Approaches

Have You Registered Yet For A Great Opportunity To Learn and To Share About Community Connections?

  • Today is the day to register…..  FREE Training is being offered to You…..       June 24th, 2015    

Click on this link, put it in your Calendar, and share it with a Community Leader or another Team Member.

I hope to see you on June 24th 9:30am in Zanesville, Ohio!

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Thoughts on This Terrific Tuesday!

Hello and Welcome Back to The imagine Blog.  My name is Andy Wing and I am the Regional Coordinator for the  Mid East Ohio Regional Council.  (MEORC)  I have had the privileged of meeting many of our PCT Coaches and Providers, in addition I have also met some great people that are being supported in this Region V.  If you see me in a meeting or on a Go 2 Mtg call, make sure you get my attention or introduce yourself to me, I would love to meet you and learn more about your role and efforts that you are doing in this Region and beyond.  

One of my many duties will be to manage the imagine Blog.  To have a very successful Blog for you and others that are a part of your team , this Blog will need your contribution from time to time.  If you have any ideas or thoughts in this area, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

I would like to close this posting with a   BIG, HUGE THANK YOU TO ANDREA McKAY specifically, and her team on the imagine Communication Committee.  Your contribution to this Blog and other endeavors have been greatly appreciated.  You truly have “Empowered People to Collaborate” .     Thank you again for all that you have done.

Looking forward to working with you all and partnering with you as we go on this Journey —-—-


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Imagine communication – a “change in management”

Since 2012, it has been the pleasure of a dedicated group of public relations professionals from Region V to manage imagine communication efforts. With oversight  from project leadership, and support from MEORC and the Ohio Department of DD, we have accomplished a lot. We branded imagine (giving it a name and a logo), we created and managed the blog and the facebook page and through videos, articles, newsletters and graphics we introduced imagine’s concepts and tools to the region. We have worked to create weekly content that could provide clarity, education and encouragement.

However, there is now a need for a different kind of communication. As implementation of a fully imagine system is well under way in the Region V counties, you have told us (through your responses to our survey) that the information now needed by the region is very technical and/or at the operational level.

The Communication Team, as a collaborative of the Public Relations professionals from the Region V counties, has served its intended purpose. Going forward, imagine will just be how county boards in Region V do business – a part of our processes – with the majority of the communication needed being technical support. Though we PR professionals still intend to provide content to the blog as requested, “branding” of imagine is not the primary need. Therefore, it makes sense for the Communication blog and communication efforts to now be an operation of MEORC. MEORC has the expertise on imagine’s person-centered thinking concepts and tools and is already developing mechanisms to provide ongoing technical support for the Region in these areas.

The imagine Communication Team is handing over the reins of communication to MEORC effective immediately. We know MEORC is the best choice to continue the education efforts in support of imagine

On behalf of the imagine Communication Team, we would like to thank you all for your support and engagement. It has been a pleasure to work along side such passionate and dedicate professionals while being a part in such an important system transformation. We each look forward to, as a region and between our individual counties, many more successful collaborations to come!

Thank you,

– Your imagine Communication Team

The team would like to thank their leadership for allowing them the time and providing them the support to participate in these regional awareness efforts. We also would like to thank Muskinghum County Board of DD for lending us the meeting space within their facility.


  • Andrea McKay (Team leader), Knox & Coshocton County Boards of DD
  • Pamela McCort, Belmont, Harrison, Nobel County Boards of DD
  • Heather Juzenas, Licking County Board of DD
  • Gail Hall, MEORC
  • Troy McCollister, MEORC
  • Missy Toothman, St. John’s Villa (provider)
  • Lindy Billingsly, Perry County Board of DD
  • John Bosser, Fairlfield County Board of DD
  • Jan Clayborn, Carroll County Board of DD


  • Molly Shaw (Team Leader 2012 – 2013) DODD
  • Erin Jones, Tuscarawas County Board of DD
  • Heather Odendahl, Licking County Board of DD
  • Tim Spitzer, MEORC
  • Kelly Ferenbaugh, MEORC
  • Kathy Casagrande, DODD
  • Vicki Rich, DODD
  • Lori Horvath, DODD

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imagineIS – IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE!!….or at least “live”

In September of 2014 the region V counties went “live” in the Imagine Information System (imagineIS).  Previous to this the counties were manually piloting the imagine processes and providing feedback about what was working and not working with the processes.

Now that the imagineIS is “live” the Center of Excellence needs a way to continually meet customers changing needs; therefore, we are actively seeking opportunities for improvement within the imagineIS.  A feedback loop survey has been developed that will allow the Center of Excellence to receive recommendations for improvement to the imagineIS that is managed by DoDD. This survey will collect data from all the different types of users of the system: Person’s Supported, County Boards, Providers, Families and Guardians.

If at any point in time you have any recommendations for improvement to the imagineIS please send us your recommendations by clicking on the survey link. We will be asking you for some basic demographic information to help us understand your role in the system and contact information from you in the event there are follow up questions. Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas. This survey provides the opportunity for the users of the system to manage and improve the performance of the imagineIS system.